Help Us Support Low-Income Crafters! Ko-fi Goal No. 2


Ko-fi Thank You CertificateSo, um, WOW.


Less than 24 hours ago I launched a Ko-fi fundraising campaign to raise $60.00 to pay for ad-free WordPress hosting in 2019. I thought with a bit of luck enough supporters would have $3 (in Ko-fi terms, one cup of coffee) to spare that we could make the site ad-free starting on January 1st.

Instead, the site fees were fully funded in six hours!!! And as of this morning you can browse our offerings with no intrusive WordPress ads to get in your way.

Thank you. Thank you.

Ko-fi Goal No. 2: Persistent Stitches Crafters Fund

Our next goal is a bit of a challenge. But I am hoping y’all can help us out!

Not all creative folks have the discretionary funds to volunteer with Persistent Stitches. Volunteer members of our collective are currently self-supporting, meaning that they pay for all their supplies, packaging, and shipping themselves. There have been times in my life where buying wool or fabric, embroidery hoops and floss, padded envelopes and postage, was simply beyond our budget. And I have spoken with crafters this year who have said this is an obstacle to participation.

So in order to make volunteering with Persistent Stitches possible for low-income crafters, I would like to offer cash grants to people who want to participate but need money to offset the out of pocket costs.

The Persistent Stitches Crafters Fund would provide cash grants of $50.00 per crafter, up to two grants annually if funding is available. The only requirement being that the grants be used for Persistent Stitches related expenses.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ko-fi interface, the idea is that you donate in coffees ($3/cup) to creators. Before offering grants, I want to build a bit of a reserve. So I want to have $150.00 in the Fund before we offer distribute the first grant. That’s 50 cups of coffee. And because I got a first-year discount on the WordPress plan, we already have 4 cups of coffee ($12.00)  to count toward the fund! Can you spare a cup or two to help our collaborative become a more inclusive space for volunteer participation?

50 46 Cups of Coffee to Go!

In persistence, and with thanks,


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