Merry Month of May: Pride Pendants!


A new month brings a new Persistent Stitches special!

During the entire month of May, all donations of $15.00 or more will earn donors a Pride Pendant featuring a heart in the pride flag colors* of their choice!

These 25mm (1″) circular pendants feature a heart cross-stitched in the pride flag colors of your choice and mounted under glass in a metal pendant with a silver or brass finish and threaded on a waxed cotton thong. The back of the metal disc features a tree motif. Pictured above is the classic rainbow pride flag. See the list of other queer pride flags at the bottom of this post.

To claim your Pride Pendant simply donate for one of our current listings at or above the $15.00 level. Email your receipt and shipping details for that item. Your regular items will be shipped out on the usual timeline of one week; freebies may be sent separately.

Pride Pendants will ship on or before June 1st so that you’re ready to show your colors during the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.

If you would like to claim a Pride Pendant without donating for another item, or wish to order more than the one freebie pendant, you may donate $10/pendant to Lambda Legal. Since 1973 the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund has been a leading, national organization advocating for the full legal and social equality of LGBTQ+ citizens.

5/9/19 UPDATE: You also have the option of donating $10/pendant to the National Network of Abortion Funds or any member fund. The NNAF labors to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

Remember that if you are donating/claiming items from outside of the United States, reach out to us before making your donation to discuss shipping.

As always, you can email us at

*PRIDE FLAG COLORS. I couldn’t find a satisfactory link for a unified run-down of pride flag colors, but here are some of the basic ones. You are welcome to request one not represented on this list — just send me a reference for the color combinations. Please note that the 25mm size of the pendant means I am limited to ten rows of color.

Rainbow: purple/blue/green/yellow/orange/red/pink
Anti-Racism Rainbow: purple/blue/green/yellow/red/pink/brown/black
Lesbian: Six gradiated shades of pink

Bisexual: blue/purple/pink
Pansexual: blue/yellow/pink
Polysexual: blue/green/pink

Genderqueer: green/white/purple
Genderfluid: blue/navy/purple
Nonbinary: purple/white/yellow

Agender: black/grey/white/green
Aromantic: black/grey/green/dark green
Asexual: purple/white/grey/black

Transgender: blue/pink/white/pink/blue
Intersex: Yellow with purple circle
Demisexual: grey/purple/white/black

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