Summer Sweet Peas Shawlette

Item: Summer Sweet Peas Shawlette. Need a little extra warmth this winter? Looking ahead to the holiday season for gifts? This offering is an 84” wide, 22” deep (approx 210 cm by 55cm) shawlette made from Mountain Colors Mountain Goat yarn in the colorway “Sweet Peas”. Colors are somewhat muted, with purple, green, blue, and pops of a coral color present in the yarn. Shawl has ridges the length of the item, providing some texture and visual interest in a deceptively simple shawl.
Materials: 55% mohair, 45% wool, fairly soft to the touch.

Crafter: perclexed
Donate: $60.00 or more.
Donate to:Winnebago Public School Foundation. “The Winnebago Tribe has a field of Indian corn that the youth of the Winnebago Academy bring up and learn to process. This is part of the ceremonies of the Winnebago people and passing on of our cultural knowledge. There is a Green Corn Dance to ensure a good harvest. The morning of August 22, 2019, it was discovered that the entire field was mowed down by a local white farmer.” Please help the students recover from their loss.

To claim this item, donate directly to the listed organization, at or above the minimum donation amount, and forward proof of donation along with a mailing address to The maker will mail out your item within the week! 

Postage is free within the United States. If you are interested in participating from a non-U.S. location, please contact us to discuss shipping costs before making your donation.

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