Miranda is a librarian by day, crafter by night, and smasher of the patriarchy at all times. Crochet gives her an outlet for all the anxiety she feels about the world, and when she runs out of spoons you can find her looking for new patterns and yarn in bed.

If you don’t see something from Miranda on Persistent Stitches that catches your eye, you can head over to The Hook Nook on Facebook to browse more offerings. All items crocheted by Miranda are available for purchase via donation regardless of item location.

To follow my crafting adventures you can find me @TheHookNookNH on Facebook, or @blissfulbookish on Instagram. For more professional followings, @blssfllybookish on Twitter is where I reside, and the #librariansforsurvivors campaign is where I post updates on research and social justice issues relating to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

Pronouns: she/her/hers.

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I am open to commissions during the months of June-August and Mid-December to Mid-January. Estimated time of completion will be provided before a joint final decision on a commission is made. If you would like to discuss a commission please email persistentstitches@gmail.com.