Crafters’ Assistance Fund


We are excited to roll out the Persistent Stitches Crafters’ Assistance Fund! The fund is available for low-income crafters who wish to participate in Persistent Stitches but do not have the discretionary money to purchase supplies or ship claimed items.

The fund is currently accepting applicants!

Persistent Stitches crafters may request up to $50.00 toward Persistent Stitches-related expenses (crafting supplies, postage, mailers, etc.) per year. If funding is available, they may request another $50.00 after July 1st for a total of $100.00 per year. However, in order to spread the love around, preference will be given to requestors asking for their first $50.00 in assistance for the calendar year. Make sense?

All crafters have access to the fund and we do not require proof of financial hardship. We trust you to accurately assess your resources and needs. This request form is only necessary as a record for me to track where donations are going. 

If you are considering participation in Persistent Stitches, but have not yet signed up as a crafter, check out our F.A.Q. and contact our coordinator so that we can set up your crafter profile and Google Drive space in parallel with processing your funding application.

Questions? You can always email

Request Form

In “Funding Request” please include a brief description of your supply need and cost estimate (e.g. “3 skeins yarn @ $12/skein” or “Postage @ $25.00”)

The project coordinator will follow up with you by email and disbursments will be made via PayPal transfer or personal check.

The Crafters’ Assistance Fund is entirely donation driven, so if you have $3 to spare please consider donating to the fund so that we can continue to offer support for crafters in need!

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