OK Boomer Prints

OKboomerItem: OK Boomer Prints. A snarky blockprint comeback on those days when no other comeback will do. Prints range in size from 4″ x 4″ to 4″ x 5-6″.
Multiple Available: Choose specific color print, or the crafter can surprise you! You are welcome to inquire about a specific color or color combination. (It takes no time to print a new one if you want a specific color/color combo).
Maker: Jessica
Donation: $5.00 or more/print OR in-kind donation (see donation link below).
Donate to:  Side-by-Side. Side by Side provides both life-changing and life-saving services to LGBTQ+ youth in Central Virginia.

OR FLASH FUNDRAISER: Minnesota Freedom Fund or any bail fund nationwide.

To claim this item, donate directly to the listed organization, at or above the minimum donation amount, and forward proof of donation along with a mailing address to persistentstitches@gmail.com. The maker will mail out your item within the week! 

Postage is free within the United States. If you are interested in participating from a non-U.S. location, please contact us to discuss shipping costs before making your donation.

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