Crochet Baubles Grab Bag

Item: Crochet Baubles Grab Bag (5 baubles/pack). The Crochet Baubles Grab Bag includes five randomly chosen 3-inch plastic iridescent ball ornaments adorned with a crochet “sock.” Each bauble contains tiny bells inside – they’re fun to shake! The yarn used for these items vary in material and may include wool, nylon, and/or acrylic blends.

Multiple Available: 6 packs currently available. Each pack of five will contain randomly selected ornaments from the listed colorways, with no duplicate colorways in the same pack. The colorways include:

  • Winter Stripes – red, light green, dark green, light blue
  • Winter Speckles – red, light green, dark green, light blue- and red speckles
  • Las Vegas Lights – magenta, light pink, yellow, orange, purple, green
  • Blue Speckles – navy, light blue, medium blue, navy- and white speckles
  • Party Colors – gray, blue, purple, taupe, purple- and pink speckles, pink- and coral speckles
  • Violet and Gray – purple, light purple, gray
  • Red and Pink – red, medium pink, red-and gray speckles, light pink- and gray speckles
  • Forest Colors – green, tan, brown, tan- and brown speckles
  • Mystery Colorways – Limited quantities available!

Crafter: Becky Briggs Becker
Donate: $25.00 or more/pack of five
Donate to: Archival Workers Emergency Fund. Established in April 2020 the AWE Fund provides cash grants of up to $1,000 to U.S.-based archival workers who are in financial crisis due to COVID-19.

To claim this item, donate directly to the listed organization, at or above the minimum donation amount, and forward proof of donation along with a mailing address to The maker will mail out your item within the week! 

Postage is free within the United States. If you are interested in participating from a non-U.S. location, please contact us to discuss shipping costs before making your donation.

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